The Thames is at its most beautiful as it makes its way through Richmond, and there are many opportunities to admire it at leisure from the numerous bars and restaurants that line the riverbank.

Some of the best sightings of the Thames can be enjoyed from Terrace Gardens and Petersham Meadows, directly behind The Star and Garter. This is the ‘view from Richmond Hill’ that has inspired so many artists.

While the view is undoubtedly spectacular, it’s easy to get much closer to the water. Walkers and cyclists can travel for miles towards Kingston or Kew and beyond. Of course, the river itself is a way to travel, whether you hop onto a pleasure boat or take the oars yourself, hiring a boat from one of the many boathouses in the locality. Enjoyable summer events are also focused on the river at Richmond. These include the Great River Race, Richmond Amateur Regatta and Richmond Riverside Festival, all celebrating London’s famous river.